We Loved Boats Before They Were Cool

You know, something tells me that the boat craze is over. It went for perhaps three months? Everyone was coming to uni on their boats, the dean even had a separate dock installed so people could have parking (or a sort), and now…no more. None of that. I seem to be the only person still using my boat, coming in faithfully every day, whilst everyone else just uses the train. It was a nice few months, but I suppose I should’ve known it was just a fad for most people. The only people left are the faithful…or should I say, the ones who were into boating BEFORE it was cool. There are a few of us around, the ones who go to the plate alloy boat shows to see what’s the new and hottest thing in the boating world. We’re the ones who buy the virtual tickets to the boating shows around the world, and get together on the weekend to talk about the modifications we’ve made to our sea vessels. We might also get together to laugh about the treasure hunter people, despite the similarities we share with our mutual love of the sea.

Even during the boat craze, people never really got into things as much as all that. I tried to distribute some leaflets, and see if the people in my creative writing class were interested in coming to an extra course on advanced marine welding tactics, but it never really took. People said they weren’t interested or were busy, and then they just went home in their boats, like they were just treating them as a way to get from A to B. I even suggested at one time that we get together to talk about the efficient fitting of  custom fishing rod holders, but people just said that they had other things to do. I knew the truth, of course. They just weren’t boat believers. Now watch them, taking the trains everywhere. Well, at least there are still a few of us around keeping the dream alive.