Healthy Fungal Infection

I live a very healthy lifestyle and treat my body like a temple. I eat clean, I exercise, I don’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. My friends tell me I’m the epitome of health, and I know it’s true. I don’t even try to be humble about it, instead I want to encourage people to […]

Drifting Away

It’s not as easy to drift in real life as it is in the video games. In fact, it’s really dangerous. It’s nothing like Bandicoot Team Driving, Desire for Fast or Burnt Out. They make it look simple and easy. I had no idea learning to drift would be so expensive, either. I’ve crashed my […]

Bit o’ Fresh Air

Fresh country air: there’s nothing quite like it to lift the spirits and inspire one to enjoy life’s bounty. At least, that’s the case when shards of ice aren’t falling from the sky, and a punishing wind hasn’t made off with your beanie. That’s what it was like this weekend, when I foolishly decided to […]

BYO Heat

There are two types of people: those who claim there are two types of people, and those who don’t. Evidently, as much as I’d like to make this a quasi-ironic brain teaser, I’m in the first category. To get to the point, I believe that people either run hot, or they run cold. I’d put […]

The Frost Legend

We’ve started meeting on Tuesday nights, me and a few other magic-folk. It’s nothing sinister, but I think it really helps me to cope with the homesickness. Oh, and we were talking about Berk! Good old Berk, what a legend! There isn’t a single child growing up in all the land, from the Ocean Islands […]

Invisible Stress

Something weird has recently occurred to me, as follows. Basically, it’s becoming clear that I’m seen as an exceptionally ‘together’ person who has all their affairs in order. What’s weird about this? Well, from my perspective, that’s so utterly not the case. More to the point, this gap between my self-perception and public image is […]

Retirement Is… What?

Despite how times have changed, I reckon there are still plenty of misconceptions around about people’s lifestyles. Take retirees. This one’s at the forefront of my radar, because Boris and I have recently closed up shop in our respective careers. It’s been interesting seeing how people respond to it, not least our own kids. It’s […]

Detailed property transfer

Property details are some of the most intricate and complicated things that lay-people might have to deal with in their lifetime, and going it alone is a recipe for disaster. Luckily, you never have to go on your own, not with the wide selection of experienced and friendly conveyancers Melbourne has to offer the people […]

Stressing Over Limpets

I love it when things get technical on Echolocation, Echolocation, Echolocation, Echolocation. It’s nice knowing all about people’s relationship dramas, and I like the DIY segments, but every now and then they get into the real nitty gritty. Like on this episode, where Darryl and his lab partner Dudley had to get their entire submarine […]

Kitchen Design Professionalism

Oh dear…word on the socialite circuit is that Fanning Crosby hosted a garden party, and she did NOT get her kitchen renovated beforehand. I just…oh, the very thought of it is just the absolute picture of shame. I wasn’t there, having developed a sudden and severe case of Undefined Victorian Consumption Illness. I lay back […]