We Demand Appropriate Nets

What Melbourne is currently missing is a water polo league. I don’t think they even have one at all, but what makes it especially bad is that people won’t even consider such a thing in the winter. Uh…water polo is usually played in an INDOOR poor, people; you don’t need to worry about jumping into any cold water. Unless they forget to heat it, but meh…just get over it anyway. Cold water is what makes a boy a man, and a girl a woman, maybe, I don’t really know. It’s good for your constitution.

But currently there’s no leisure centre near me that’s even close to accommodating for water polo. I know the guy who owns my local one, so he’s allowed me to drag a few indoor soccer nets across the kid’s pool in the evening when no one uses it, and that lets me and my friend Sam play. And the nets work, don’t get me wrong. The problem is the depth of the pool, which is like…knee-height on both of us. I cringe every time I have to dive for a ball, because if I dive too hard, I’ll just hit the bottom and that’s a solid surface. I could lose some teeth, all because this leisure centre discriminates against people who just want to establish a friendly water polo league. And while I did say that the netting was good, is IS indoor soccer netting. It’s not really meant to get wet for any length of time, and rigging it up every time we go there is a huge pain in the butt.

Maybe I’ll ask if we can use some other kind of netting. Indoor cricket nets have to be sturdy, so maybe we could use those. But that doesn’t address the main issue, which is that water polo is on the rise, and unless this place wants to be on the right side of history…it’ll let us use the entire pool from 7:30 to 9:30 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s just the two of us now, but I guarantee that’ll grow in no time.