Health! Juice! OXYGEN!

Can’t believe I used to hate tea. I’m not tea-mad now, and there are some varieties that I don’t really like, but I still think that people should be drinking this thing every day as a matter of principle. Green tea is probably the best thing you can drink to warm up on those cold evenings, and I’ve started having a proper black tea every morning with breakfast. Really just makes me feel warm and nice inside, unlike my old drink of orange juice. Full of sugar, that one.

Wellness is just generally something that I wish I’d discovered earlier, and now that I have it’s basically an addiction. Most people just start eating a bit more fruit, maybe go jogging a few times a week, moisturise in the mornings…whereas I can show people my portable hyperbaric chamber. ┬áMelbourne is surprisingly good for that sort of thing, whether you need something portable or something a bit more heavy-duty. Angela at my yoga class just casually mentioned that her daughter was learning hyperbaric medicine. My ears perked up as they do at all medical things, and then I learned about all these oxygen chambers, how they help you to breathe easier, and I thought…I need to get me some of this. It really has been perfect truth be told. Oh, my breathing was mostly fine before, but I like having the portable chamber around the house. And I’m recommending it to all my friends as well. There’s just something reassuring about being able to step into a chamber and having it flood with the thing you need to live. Never mind all that tea and antioxidants and jogging and vitamin supplements. Oxygen genuinely is the thing that keeps you alive. You can buy hyperbaric chambers in Melbourne right now. Not sure why more people don’t have them around.