Someone Wants a Suit

Guys, we finally did it. We sold our very first Mech Suit! This is a great day for the future of metal exoskeletons as a whole, but especially for us because we’ve literally never sold anything and now we’ve sold a whole suit! And it’s all down to tapping the one market that’s never going […]

Dry Needling, to Become Superhuman

At this point I’m thinking that summer is just as expensive as winter; there is no point in the year when the electricity companies are not trying to get something out of you. It’s not very decent of them, but what can you do? Oh, right…become a superhuman. That’s right: I’m aiming to develop a […]

Health! Juice! OXYGEN!

Can’t believe I used to hate tea. I’m not tea-mad now, and there are some varieties that I don’t really like, but I still think that people should be drinking this thing every day as a matter of principle. Green tea is probably the best thing you can drink to warm up on those cold […]

Dy Needling, for Conserving Weight

Obviously, one thing we’re going to be needing on the moon is alternative medicine. Scientifically-proven alternative medicine, obviously. I’ve been looking into various healing methods that will conserve both funds and space, since resources will be at a premium for the initial stages of our Lunar Habitation. Now, oxygen chambers are nice and all, but […]

Lifting Weights for Fun and Oxygen

Okay, so apparently…and don’t quote me on this, but *apparently*, breathing is good for you. Pro tip, you didn’t hear it from me, doctors HATE me for revealing this one weird trick. I know. But I’m new to weight-lifting, and the whole point of the exercise is to lift heavy things that people shouldn’t usually […]