Monorail to Your Office

The future is monorails, although the exact form that will take is yet to be decided. We had a great discussion at the Futurist Club today, and everyone loved the idea of sky-rails being part of our major cities. Those will be the rails that weave in and out of skyscrapers, thus meaning that you can get off at your exact office building instead of having to get off at the nearest station and walk.

Obviously this means that interior office design companies based in Melbourne need to incorporate all-new techniques into their building work, up to and including train stations. I suggest that they designate a corner of the office to a waiting area where employees may disembark and board the metro transit monorail. The rail itself will be incredibly fast, and with fewer people getting off at each stop (basically just whoever works at that building) then it can zip from one building to another until all of them are serviced.

It’s perfect. I’ve been thinking that a lot of offices could use some basic interior design work done anyway. I myself get a visit quite a few of them for glass repair, and some of them can be a little bit dire. Maybe that’s because they don’t have a metro station that drops them off right next to the water cooler? To be fair, a lot of the office spaces in the center of the city, where the new monorail system will be servicing, are already looking okay. They can afford the design.

But the smaller ones in the suburbs are seriously going to have to step up their game if they want to compete in a high-flying world where ‘direct-to-building monorail system’ can be included in a job description. Might want to at least get some new carpets down, maybe throw out those old cubicle walls and step into the 21st century. And for your needs, there are reputable companies in Melbourne, office fitouts and design being their speciality.

No rail station services yet. But those things will be everywhere, come 2035. I’ve seen the proposals!