Healthy Fungal Infection

I live a very healthy lifestyle and treat my body like a temple. I eat clean, I exercise, I don’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. My friends tell me I’m the epitome of health, and I know it’s true. I don’t even try to be humble about it, instead I want to encourage people to live as healthily as I do. 

A large part of being healthy is getting regular check ups from doctors, dentists, specialists and podiatrists. Cheltenham is the hub for all things health, so I’m lucky I get to walk to all these places rather than drive. I also try to minimise my carbon footprint, which is a part of my healthy planet initiative. Being healthy is a combination of many things, and I ensure I do everything I can, at all times. 

Now, being a healthy person doesn’t mean that things don’t go wrong from time to time. Last month during the flu season, I got a cold. I fought it off a bit faster than the average person, but I still got sick like everyone else. Similarly, about six months back I got a nail fungal infection. Where most people would ignore it and hope that it just went away by itself, I went straight to my foot specialist (who knows me by name) to take care of the problem.

My healthy lifestyle means staying on top of any and all problems that arise, so I actively participated in all the tasks I was given to take care of my fungal infection. After a few weeks, the problem was completely eradicated and I was able to flaunt my healthy looking toes with pride! 

I’d like to encourage everyone to look after themselves. The moral of this story is that even when you’re healthy, things can go wrong. That doesn’t mean your quest for health must be thwarted, it just means you need to look after yourself in the way the suits your body. Look after yourself friends!