Raised by rockabillies











How familiar are you all with the rockabilly demographic? To put it simply to those who don’t get it, it’s people of today who look like they’re from the fifties or sixties. They wear lots of polka dots and cool clothes. Most have dyed red or black hair. The females are well-dressed with lots of pinup style makeup, while the males wear button up shirts and slicked back hair. The only difference between the rockabillies of today and the rockabillies of the past is that it’s now quite normal for both the men and women to have tattoos.

Wondering how I know this much about the rockabilly demographic? I’m the product of it! My parents were a typical rockabilly couple. They dressed vintage, they had tattoos, they loved music, and they turned me into a rockabilly kid. I’m proud to be the product of a rockabilly marriage. It’s given me a great sense of style, and a love for thrift shopping. Next I need to find a recommended traditional tattooist near me who can give me some trad and neo-trad artwork. I’ve got some really cool ideas in mind, but I definitely need an artist to help me bring them to life.

I suppose getting inked is a bit of a rite of passage for a rockabilly kid. I did however promise my parents that I’d wait until I was in my twenties to get my first tattoo. I can see why they made me make that promise. When I was in my late teens and early twenties I had a whole heap of dumb tattoo ideas. Now I’ve got ideas that are really stylish and suitable for the rockabilly aesthetic. Tomorrow I will speak to the tattooist. Brisbane has very few rockabilly people, but I’m sure the artist will be well aware of the style I am after. I’m doing a bit of an alternative rockabilly style. It’s vintage, but with a twist of edginess. I’ve got the typical rockabilly dresses, but with bright pink hair. All I need is the tatts to finish off the look.