Pest control

Pre-holiday Pest Problems

Argh! I have bed bugs! This is a nightmare, especially since I’m flying to the other side of the world tomorrow. Besides that, I’m horrified by the very thought of these things and their burrowing antics. There’s something very deep-seated about my revulsion towards their moving in on my sleeping quarters.

I’m going overboard on the catastrophising, I know. Time to put this situation in perspective and figure out how I’m going to get this problem dealt with. I’m sure I can arrange for my sister to help out with organising a pest management professional to come in and sort it out. Pest control companies near Frankston tend to be reasonably snappy, but they’re probably not going to be able to make it over here before I leave – as if I have time to deal with it, anyway. So I really need sis to get on board.

Okay, that’s a solution. It’s reminding me, though, that I’m overdue for a termite investigation. My sister’s partner, who used to exterminate termites, remarked a while back that I should have my walls looked into, as there’d been a spate of termite damage happening in houses like mine in my area. I kind of took his advice on board but haven’t quite gotten around to acting on it.

Surely, anyone who does termite control in Frankston would also be equipped to deal with my bed bug problem… right? Perhaps I can convince sis to do a bit of extra legwork and find a pest management service that can kill two birds with the one stone (well, actually, I have no issue with the birds – probably best to leave those alone).

Maybe I was wrong about all this being terrible timing. You see, this way, I have a legitimate excuse to dump all this fuss and bother on my trusty sister. I’d do the same for her… I mean, if I was free – please don’t hold me to it.