Mind That Drain

Children sure are a gift, which is why I’ll probably never have any of them ever again. Two is great; I’m gonna cap it at this number. Any more and I literally do not know how I would cope, which is weird when you think about people who have three, four, five…more…like, HOW? You only have one set of eyes and two arms, and if the kids are further apart than your two arms that you’re fresh out of luck. Both of mine are walking now and I’m starting to think I need to at least plant them with a GPS tracker or something. Ava seems to think she’s a distance sprinter and Kyna is just…curious.

Did you know, people who are not parents yet, that there are swift and effective companies that offer drain camera inspections in Melbourne with quick response times? That sounds like an advertisement, which is fair enough because I want it to be an ad for anyone with a toddler who likes to drop anything they can find down the drain. I’m about to get to the stage where I’m on first-name basis with all the drain repair and clearing people around here. I’m so fearful that when I ring up they’ll say “Oh, hi Imelda!”, and then I’ll hear a chorus people in the office telling the person taking the call to say hi to me, Imelda, because they hadn’t heard from me in a week and they were worried that something was wrong. Needing drain clearing is now the new normal, it would see.

Not that I don’t try to get stuff out myself, but Kana drops everything she can find down there and she’s too young to understand that’s bad. Alright, maybe I need some sort of mesh. I suppose next time I’m looking for a reliable drain unblocking specialist near Melbourne who doesn’t know my name (yet), I could ask. Or the mesh thing. But Kana would find a way. Children always do.