Mysterious Mansion Conveyancing

In the heart of Melbourne’s bustling metropolis, a story unfolded that intertwined the past with the future, involving a young artist named Alex. They lived a simple life, their days filled with creating abstract art that mirrored the city’s eclectic vibe. However, life took an unexpected turn when Alex received a letter from a law […]

Mysterious Kitchen Beginnings

In the bustling city of Melbourne, the Turner family embarked on a new adventure as they moved into a charming, albeit old and reputedly haunted house. Their first project? The kitchen, believed to be the heart of the house’s many mysteries. As the family began their kitchen renovations close to Melbourne, excitement buzzed in the […]

Meeting Ms Shade

In the heart of Melbourne’s bustling CBD, a peculiar rendezvous was brewing. On one side, there was Ana Tint, fresh from securing her accolades from Melbourne’s prestigious School of Design, armed with her notebook, curiosity, and her uncanny ability to discern hues finer than anyone. On the other side stood Kris Shade, the city’s most […]

Sunlit Energy Arrival

In the heart of the mystical kingdom of Lumina, spellbound breezes would often carry whispers of the latest magical tales. The land, awash with enchantment, rarely saw anything out of the ordinary. Here, wands were as common as pebbles, and incantations, an everyday chatter. But today, the realm stood still, for an oddity had occurred. […]

Goblin Optometrist’s Arrival

In a quaint little corner of the world, a kind-hearted goblin embarked on a mission most vital. With a sparkle in her verdant eyes and a heart brimming with determination, she carried with her a trunk filled with the most sophisticated magical equipment one could ever imagine. Enchanting spectacles that could peer into the depth […]

Bathroom Accessibility Transformation

When Joan and Richard first moved into their quaint Sydney residence, they never imagined that, decades later, they would face challenges in what was once their favourite sanctuary: the bathroom. Like countless seniors, the couple began to experience limited mobility, and the once-simple act of taking a bath became a daunting task. Joan, who loved […]

Artist’s Shoulder Injury

Adversity, they say, often leads to innovation. But when that adversity hits close to home, or rather, close to your arm, the real challenge begins. As a painter, I’ve always trusted my hands and shoulders to breathe life into my visions. Every brush stroke, every blend of colour relied on their synchrony. But a casual […]

Footy Player’s Agent

In the bustling heart of Melbourne, where footy is more than just a game, being a renowned player comes with its perks and pitfalls. Especially when you’re trying to buy a home. I’ve always had a fondness for the serene and upscale neighbourhood of Armadale, but my journey to purchasing a property there was nothing […]

Unexpected Property Surprise

It started on a sunny afternoon in Clifton Hill. I was strolling through the charming streets, admiring the heritage-listed homes when it caught my eye — a beautiful Victorian-era home that seemed straight out of my dreams. As I stood there, taking in its intricate details, I could almost envision my future life there. I […]

The Energy Conspiracy

In the bustling heart of Sydney, nestled among its skyscrapers, Eamon lounges at an outdoor café table, sunglasses on, sipping a chilled iced tea. The summer sun, bearing down, lends warmth to the city but also stands as a beacon of untapped potential. Arlen, on the opposite chair, sips his meticulously brewed Earl Grey, scalding […]