Home decor

Urban Jungle

What do you get when you throw an urban horticulturist and an aerosol artist together under one roof? You get my current living space, that’s what. This is especially the case if you add in a strong dose of enthusiasm for home decor on both sides of the equation. Basically, the space is a wall-to-wall indoor garden competing with a riot of large-scale graphic artworks – a situation that could be visually disastrous if not for our combined sense of good taste.

We’ve levelled up the look over time by leaning into the plant-street combo with increasing vigour, to the extent that it’s become the primary theme in our approach to decorating. For example, our living room now features a wall covered in digitally printed cactus wallpaper. This makes for a pretty striking backdrop to a scene comprising more plants than you can probably imagine being in one room.

Meanwhile, the dining room is decked out with an industrial concrete effect wallpaper. Ryan’s still tossing up about what to paint onto it, if anything. He reckons there’s something so tantalising about the blank wall concrete wall space that he can barely bring himself to take away that quality by painting on it.

In my opinion, there’s already so much street-style art on our walls (albeit in the form of archival quality, limited edition prints) that the concrete-look wall doesn’t fairly scream for more colour. I’m happy for Ryan to go ahead with doing a mural if he wants to – that was the original idea, after all – but I’m not about to push the concept.

Visitors to our home often seem surprised that my urban jungle can coexist so well with Ryan’s obsession with industrial surfaces and lowbrow art. On some level, I get that, but it also just makes sense to me: the two aesthetics balance each other out in a way that’s appropriate to an indoor decor concept. That’s fortunate for the two of us, given that neither is about to compromise.