Unlock Toolboxes as the Japanese Do

If you think learning a new language is hard, try learning it while working in the country, living by yourself and trying to hold a job. Manual labour is pretty much the only job they’d give me, because I’m awful at teaching and I don’t have a clue where any of the stuff is inside a toolbox. At least if I’m working on the roads, I can just be directed towards the pneumatic drill and the task just fills itself in.

All the toolboxes here have toolbox central locking, and it’s way more complicated than the stuff in Melbourne. You would think it would be a simple lock and key situation, wrong. They all have these eight digit codes, and then when I ask for the password, they rattle off all these numbers quickly and I have to ask them to repeat it again. The entire thing is very frustrating. I am not one of those people who can memorise 10 digit codes without having to write them down.

And they all think I’m stupid because I can’t open a toolbox. Maybe I AM stupid. I’ve been here two weeks and I can only introduce myself, buy food and have a quick conversation about the weather, which at the moment is mostly just awfully warm.It really is hot. I was told Tokyo would be like this, but working outside all day…phew. Makes me long for the Melbourne days, when the boss would open up his ute canopy trays and have cold ginger beers in there for everyone. I always hated ginger beer, but it was cold, so it definitely hit the spot. At those temperatures I’d be happy to drink gasoline if it’d been in the fridge.

Now, all the under tray draws and canopies are filled with what I think is iced coffee and some sort of lychee and raspberry energy drink that scares me a little bit. I’ll have to engage with the culture eventually. Maybe a few more lessons on Me-Straw first.