Too Much, Chad

I’m going to have to be really honest, even though it goes against my instincts: Chad is a bit much. I just wanted him to be a bit more open, and not close himself off when I want to talk about the future. And maybe…we could talk a bit more when we go on dates, instead of just eating and going to see some superhero movie.

Now I’ve gotten all of that, and much, much more. Chad doesn’t just want to talk about our future plans: he wants to make them down to the absolute letter. Like, he’s talking about calling in a professional laundry designer, so we can have the laundry of our dreams. We’re apparently going to do that straight after we get custom bathroom renovations, and of course, kitchen remodelling, and so we’ll steadily “build the home our of dreams, my honey-darling-sweetpea.”

Okay, wow, slow down a little. We barely just got down discussing the possibility of marrying and settling down, and now we’re getting our laundry renovated into the perfect SUPER-LAUNDRY. I didn’t even know laundry renovations and design was a real thing! I mean…yeah, it sounds pretty nice. I like to think that whatever home I end up in will be tailored to what I like, laundry included, but on a broader topic, back up. Just back the flip up for two seconds. We need a home before we can start renovating it, Chad. Besides, what happened to, “Babe, I just go with the flow, ya know?” He’s not just different; it’s like a new guy in the same body.

I don’t know. I like to talk about designer bathroom renovations as much as the next person, because it’s fun to speculate, but Chad wants every detail locked in. And just last night we finally sat down to watch The Noot-Book, the quintessential romantic film about claymation penguins, and he was crying at the opening credits.

He said the music was beautiful. What…