The Horse Queen

Selena is getting on my NERVES! She’s one of those ‘horse people’… you know the ones. She watched Saddle Club when we were in primary school, and instead of just dreaming of having a horse like a normal person, she actually got one because she’s daddy’s little princess and he owns some kind of soft drink company. And now, Selena tries to link absolutely everything back to her stupid horses – you can’t even imagine the stuff she spins out just to talk about horses.

Cal has just started driving and she mentioned that she had to drive all the way to Bendigo. Car servicing is better there, apparently. Unfortunately, Selena just HAD to be within a three-kilometre radius and she, like, teleported over like she was a genie who’d been summoned to our location. Then she started spreading the word of horses, as usual, telling Cal that she needed to get rid of her car, which needs servicing a lot because it’s old (her parents are super hands-off with their parenting and they let her pick her own car) and Selena was all like “Oh, horses never need servicing, and they’re super cute, and they’re my best friends, blah, blah, I’m Selena and I want to marry a horse one day.”

She’s been like this for a while, now that everyone is getting cars and having them serviced and repaired and registered and so on. I think she doesn’t want to admit to daddy-dearest, or anyone, that horses are actually kind boring and cars are where it’s at. Actually, the only time I haven’t heard her get all horse-y up in someone’s face was when Ingrid said that she bought this super flash car but the air con broke after one day, so she had to go and get an air conditioning regas in Bendigo. Selena was silent! Could it be because horses don’t have air con? Yeah, they don’t have USB ports or cup holders either. At least we know how to shut her up for a bit.