The Frost Legend

We’ve started meeting on Tuesday nights, me and a few other magic-folk. It’s nothing sinister, but I think it really helps me to cope with the homesickness.

Oh, and we were talking about Berk! Good old Berk, what a legend! There isn’t a single child growing up in all the land, from the Ocean Islands to the west, all the way to the Dune Kingdom of the Sand Kings to the far east, who hasn’t heard his mighty name. I think it’s because he introduced window glass frosting to the Twin Empires back in the olden days, of old, and that started an industrial revolution that led to us building all sorts of majestic things. Terribly sad that it was all utterly destroyed in the Great War, but what was Berk supposed to do when he was meditating in the Winsome Waste on a way to properly produce energy via the conjuring of portals?

Frosted window glass, as method, was lost to the world, and now that Berk is an ascended being of pure light and inexorable glory, we can’t get it back. It’s nice that they’ve cracked the secret in this world, I suppose. Frosted glass, tinted glass, coloured decorative window glass…all very nice. We have the latter in our realm, but it’s almost entirely used for gaudy stained glass displays of royalty.

I miss people my people, hence why I meet with a few of them. We;re actually working on a project, trying to replicate the legendary lost magical method of frosting windows (hint: it’s not frost magic). I know I can just call a company in Melbourne and say that I’d like my windows tinted, or the glass in my shower frosted. Window tinting in particular seems to be as easy as snapping one’s fingers to these people. Easy as summoning a storm cloud with a spell you find on the first page of the Complete Guide to Spell-weaving. 

But still, it’s nice to have a hobby you can share with friends.