Stressing Over Limpets

I love it when things get technical on Echolocation, Echolocation, Echolocation, Echolocation. It’s nice knowing all about people’s relationship dramas, and I like the DIY segments, but every now and then they get into the real nitty gritty. Like on this episode, where Darryl and his lab partner Dudley had to get their entire submarine rewired because a mischievous manta ray got into the pipes and chewed through their electrical system.

No residential electricians way out there, certainly not until the underwater colony gets established and there are electricians zooming all over the place in their electrician submarines, but not now. Dudley had to row to shore, get an electrician, pay for the time, travel costs and diving equipment, and the whole thing ended up costing them a fortune. Doing study under the ocean upon whether limpets are able to feel guilt is a profession with a heavy cost, which is why Darryl resolved to learn some basic electrician skills and do it himself this time.

This, of course, led to another row, which the two of them have been having a lot ever since they decided to lock themselves in a metal capsule together under the ocean with no internet, no privacy, no other people and nothing to do but study the emotional responses of limpets, and golly, wouldn’t it be odd if one of those things was a contributing factor to their current emotional states?

Anyway, Darryl is known for not finishing the things that he starts, which Dudley was quick to point out since he’s known for being very judgemental, and they got pretty close to having a proper punch-up this time.

I sure hope that guy they got from a Bayside electrician company did a good job, because if the lights flicker in that place one more time…there will be blood. Blood and limpets, flying all over the place.