Spiritualism in the bathroom

What many people don’t realise about Spiritualism is that it’s not just a all about seances and morbidly pale mystics, it’s a religious path in its own right much like the world’s global religions. There is much we don’t know about ghosts, how they relate to ancestral deities and the godhead. They may be manifestations of the same energy, or even of our own altered states of consciousness. I have reason to believe that spirits are the source of clairvoyance among humankind, or that they are a manifestation of our psychic faculties.

I have my restroom to thank for much of these discoveries, and now that I’m looking at bathroom renovation companies based in Melbourne.  I need to give the throne room the credit it deserves. There is much to learn about the preternatural, and why not start in the home? Heck, why not start in the one room of the house which is covered wall-to-wall with tiles, and is most readily cleaned? If you’ve ever seen that aquamarine goo depicted in the science fiction movie Ghost-blasters, you’ll understand why the bathroom is the ideal room in the house to pursue spiritualism and all investigations into the paranormal. I would even go so far as to argue that it is the best room in the house for ritual worship and initiation rites, because the fan sucks up all the incense smoke which can become quite stifling after a couple of hours in spiritual trance.

After consulting with the bathroom renovation specialists, I feel confident that they understand the importance my bathroom has to my life and my spiritual path. They understand the purpose it serves, for me, is not just one of cleanliness and personal hygiene but progress towards spiritual evolution. This is the next step for humankind. While man evolves in terms of technology and information, we’re stunted in terms of inner growth.