Someone Wants a Suit

Guys, we finally did it. We sold our very first Mech Suit!

This is a great day for the future of metal exoskeletons as a whole, but especially for us because we’ve literally never sold anything and now we’ve sold a whole suit! And it’s all down to tapping the one market that’s never going to go out of fashion: fashion.

Also, health. Fashion and health. See, we got a wealthy potential client who said he quite liked all the innovations we added to our suits, but he thought we were going in the wrong direction. For example, he has a bad case of nail fungal infection and had to walk with some very special orthotics. He said it’d be great if we were able to kit out our mech suits with orthotics, even though the person operating them doesn’t technically ‘walk’ as such. That way a person can basically get a foot treatment while they’re keeping the weight off their feet, AND they can walk places, so it’s a triple win.

However, it didn’t stop there. Our buyer said that he wants an upgrade to the overall look of the suit. And you know, none of us here had really taken a look at the design in a while. We just built it in the traditional mech-suit style and assumed that was enough. But he was right: it WAS a bit clunky and utilitarian. So we made things a bit sleeker, added a couple of spoilers and made a few customisable paint jobs. This client chose one that made it look like the suit is wearing a tuxedo.

And that was all it took. Of course, driving around to find the best foot specialist clinic in Cheltenham for them to give us the necessary advice was a bit of a task, but they were helpful in the end, even after hearing what it was for. Now we can appeal to people with foot problems, and look good while doing it. Plus…we made a sale, hoorah!