Solar Could Help

I’m not even sure how to explain this. It’s pretty rare for me to call family meetings in the first place, because we spend enough time together in my opinion. But I just can’t help it. I have a way for us to make the farm work more efficient, and it must be heard. Of course, it’s not like solar energy is really a new concept, but we brushed past it in one of our science lessons in school. This prompted me to do a bit of number crunching, and I’ve realised that a 100kw solar system really could reduce all of our energy bills, given a bit of time.

The challenge is explaining this to my parents why this is necessary move. They’re not keen on new technology, even though they’re a little hypocritical about the whole thing, dare I say. I mean, at some point the family must’ve graduated from sowing grain by hand to using a seed drill. We must’ve gone from dragging things around in a horse and cart to using a tractor. So I really don’t think dedicating a bit of land to some good quality solar panels is really too much to ask. It’ll lessen our bills and expenditures in time, and Ma and Pa have to at least be intrigued by that part of things. Plus, I’m taking an interest in the farm, like they’ve been trying to get me to do since I was born.

I’m thinking of calling in Cousin Walter, since he’s the only member of the clan who moved to the big city, and he now sells all sorts of farming equipment. He’ll know the importance of commercial solar systems, and how they can help out with the cost of energy. I’ll prepare a speech, the whole family will be there, Cousin Walter can back me up, maybe, and maybe I’ll try to get my brother Cassius on-board. He likes electricity. Mostly just holding onto the electric fence until he falls down giggling, but it’s a start.