Rust Everywhere

It’s always been a dream of mine to live by the sea, so here we are. Well, here I am…still just me, but now that I finally have a garden I’d like to get a cat. My working hours don’t allow for a dog, but if the cat was able to come and go as it pleases and have a good time in the neighborhood until I get back.

I’m talking too much about the cat. But anyway, here I am in Brighton and I’m right near the sea, just as planned. Now I have to learn about how people do things here…hopefully, slower and more relaxed. Also, my friends at my old job said that if I have anything metal, like an aluminium toolbox, then I have to watch out for rust. Which is silly because aluminium doesn’t rust. All that salt in the air might cause things to become rusty a lot quicker than usual if I’m doing work at the docks, which is the next part of the plan. I had a look into it and yep, looks like that really will be something I have to watch out for. It affects vehicles in particular, so I’m going to have to check my ute especially, seeing as I have all the under body boxes and whatever else. I don’t want one of my gas bottle holders to just rust right off as I’m driving somewhere.

So how DO you treat that sort of thing?? I’ve never thought about it, since I’ve always been way in-land where you need to worry more about dust than salty air. Guess I should ask the neighbours. I mean, I’m right by the waterfront and everyone here seems to have un-rusted cars, so I’m guessing the problem isn’t ultra-dire. Like, you don’t need an anti-rust treatment every single week…I hope. I wasn’t kidding about how much metal I’m hauling around on my ute. I spent a long time building up all my roof racks and bars, under body boxes…it’s all premium equipment. I intend to look after it, regardless of how much it’s exposed to fresh, delicious, salty air.