Pro Glass = Pro Class

I’m waiting for a mirror to arrive. I should have left Marlene to do this herself – I have better things to do! To bring you up to speed, my sister, Marlene, runs a tap dance studio from her home. She’s overseas at the moment, so she roped me into receiving the delivery of her new mirror.

It’s to replace the one that got smashed by a particularly high-kicking young chap last week, so it needs to be able to work in alongside the series of other mirror panels arrayed on the wall. It therefore needed to be made to order by a glazier. Melbourne has plenty of very talented glass fitter to chose from thankfully. Custom work is, it seems, part and parcel of running a home studio – all these large gym fittings somehow need to be worked into a comparatively tiny room in a residential building.

Marlene has been saying for a while that she’d like the studio to appear less like part of her home. Even though, on one level, it is exactly that, it is in fact a distinct space that she uses exclusively for work. She’s been talking about things like getting a reception desk as a means of making this clear to her clients, although none of her ideas have seemed quite right.

Well, thinking about custom glass has got me thinking about stair balustrades. They always make stuff look polished and official, right? If she had a ramp installed along the side of the house up to the studio door, she could then incorporate glass balustrades custom etched with her logo. How much more pro could you get?

I’ll suggest that to her, I reckon. I think it’s a great idea because it imparts the desired impression on the approaching client before they’ve even entered the studio, priming them to receive the teachings of a professional. Not to mention the fact the fact that this clearly demarcated pathway might stop clients from knocking on the front door, as they are sometimes wont to do.