Monorail to Your Office

The future is monorails, although the exact form that will take is yet to be decided. We had a great discussion at the Futurist Club today, and everyone loved the idea of sky-rails being part of our major cities. Those will be the rails that weave in and out of skyscrapers, thus meaning that you […]

It Started With a Toolbox…And a Sandwich

I’ll admit that I’m not the best around the house, which is why I have a landlord that sorts out most of that stuff for me. I have just enough to get on with looking after my many pets and making beautiful music, without having to do silly things like screw in light bulbs and […]

Cheers to Sydney Designers!

Apparently the office design in Melbourne is great, which is terrible because we’re in Sydney and we hate them, for some ill-defined reason. This deadly and very legitimate feud goes back to the olden days, when we were fighting over who got to be the capital. Should’ve been Sydney, obviously, but because we were too […]

Unsuccessful Succession Plans

My Uncle Joe seems to be in a perpetual state of selling his business. Seriously, he’s been in a state of stepping out of it for what feels a good twenty years now; his exit strategy is forever being amended. It makes me wonder if he’s ever been serious about retiring. He’s about to turn […]

Spiritualism in the bathroom

What many people don’t realise about Spiritualism is that it’s not just a all about seances and morbidly pale mystics, it’s a religious path in its own right much like the world’s global religions. There is much we don’t know about ghosts, how they relate to ancestral deities and the godhead. They may be manifestations […]

Can We Go back to Learning About Air Con?

Lately I’ve been worried about the school projects that my daughter brings home. There’s this one class they have that used to be SOSE, which admittedly was a complete duffer of a subject where the teachers could basically put their feet up their feet and teach anything they wanted. So they got rid of that, […]

We Demand Appropriate Nets

What Melbourne is currently missing is a water polo league. I don’t think they even have one at all, but what makes it especially bad is that people won’t even consider such a thing in the winter. Uh…water polo is usually played in an INDOOR poor, people; you don’t need to worry about jumping into […]

We Loved Boats Before They Were Cool

You know, something tells me that the boat craze is over. It went for perhaps three months? Everyone was coming to uni on their boats, the dean even had a separate dock installed so people could have parking (or a sort), and now…no more. None of that. I seem to be the only person still […]

Home Buyer to-be

If you know me at all you’ll know how much I love living alone, after all those years of share-housing and nightmare roommates. Don’t read me wrong, I’ve had great times as a renter, but when it came time to review how I could justify paying off someone else’s mortgage, I couldn’t ignore the reality […]

Dry Needling, to Become Superhuman

At this point I’m thinking that summer is just as expensive as winter; there is no point in the year when the electricity companies are not trying to get something out of you. It’s not very decent of them, but what can you do? Oh, right…become a superhuman. That’s right: I’m aiming to develop a […]