Cool Cut for Cold Season

Is it just me, or did it just become winter overnight? I’ve particularly noticed it in the mornings – it was so hard to get out of bed today, probably on account of the darkness. It’s dark by the time I get home in the evenings, too. It’s not all bad – there’s something to […]

Pro Glass = Pro Class

I’m waiting for a mirror to arrive. I should have left Marlene to do this herself – I have better things to do! To bring you up to speed, my sister, Marlene, runs a tap dance studio from her home. She’s overseas at the moment, so she roped me into receiving the delivery of her […]

Snap Your Fingers, Home of Your Dreams

Fresh off the showing of ‘Revengers: Infinite S’mores’, and I have to say that it’s probably movie of the year. I know it’s a big, over-bloated superhero flick where all the budget got poured into the CGI effects and not the dialogue, but still, I love the idea of a bunch of dastardly anti-heroes ganging […]

Pre-holiday Pest Problems

Argh! I have bed bugs! This is a nightmare, especially since I’m flying to the other side of the world tomorrow. Besides that, I’m horrified by the very thought of these things and their burrowing antics. There’s something very deep-seated about my revulsion towards their moving in on my sleeping quarters. I’m going overboard on […]

Infestation Station

I wish those possums would get out of the danged roof! They’ve been keeping me awake at night all week. I don’t know what they’re doing up there, but it’s causing a helluva racket. I’ve asked my neighbour, who works in pest control, what I can do about it, and he said I’d have to […]

Empty nest, empty chest

My daughter had left home and found a great job, there was every reason to congratulate her and feel like an accomplished single parent when I realised she was going to be fine. Except that I felt absolutely downright ruined. While she’s a lovely young person, the day she moved out I don’t think she […]

Animal House

My dad is becoming increasingly eccentric post-retirement. Over the past five years, he’s gradually built up something of an animal village in his sizeable backyard. I’d never have guessed that this was something he might have wanted back in the day, but I’m coming to suspect that it’s always been on his agenda. He seems […]

Investment Property: The Greatest Wish??

An ‘Alternative Trivia Night’ sounds really shifty, but actually, it was good fun. I went along with the same trepidation you’d have going along to ‘Destruction Derby Speed Dating’, but it just turned out to be a more personalised experience. So, all the questions were subjective, based around your personal opinion, and the most creative […]

Dy Needling, for Conserving Weight

Obviously, one thing we’re going to be needing on the moon is alternative medicine. Scientifically-proven alternative medicine, obviously. I’ve been looking into various healing methods that will conserve both funds and space, since resources will be at a premium for the initial stages of our Lunar Habitation. Now, oxygen chambers are nice and all, but […]

Lighting for a Burst of Brilliance!

I wonder if causing temporary pain to the audience is within the bounds of ethical theatre conduct? I mean…if it’s done in the name of ART, surely it must be fine. I’d issue a warning, but then that would ruin the purpose of the piece, and we can’t have something like that. You see, my […]