Oh Good, It’s More Conveyancing Talk

Oh boy, we’re talking about conveyancing again. This is directly contravening the Futurist’s Club’s main rule, which is to never step backwards, and at this point most of us are just waiting for the saga to end. The great conveyancing saga of 2018. That’s what I’m going to tell Vera to call it in the minutes, and while we’re on the subject, Vera deserves a pat on the back for still being willing to type all of this silliness out.

So, Adrian isn’t happy with the discussion on housing of the future, and the assertion that standardised housing will lessen the role of conveyancing and settlement. That’s fine, we don’t always have to agree, but he goes to far as to interviews several conveyancers around where he lives during the week, then collates all those interviews into a single, thirty-minute audio clip that we are all forced to listen to. Then John comes back with a rebuttal, stating that conveyancing will be an exclusive art, now akin to pottery and taxidermy, and if Adrian wants to consider that ‘lesser’, well, that’s just revealing his insecurities.

And this is all very nice, but it’s just retreading old ground. We’ve heard it before, and we’re all very aware that this topic was dredged up from the dirt again in place of what looked to be a fascinating presentation from Harriet on the nature of zoos of the future, and how she suspects that laws will be passed to make all the animals holographic.

I feel sorry for the conveyancers as well, since Adrian clearly distracted them from their work, possibly for hours on end judging by how much of the interviews were cut off. Maybe we should send them an apology card. Adrian lives in Mentone, conveyancers around there being pretty common due to the upscale property…ah, never mind. We’ll just have to lay down the law at the next meeting. We’re moving on!!