New Hardware Store

There’s this new hardware store in my town, but I’m not sure about it. It’s called Sterge and Daughters, run by this really strange manager. Apparently, he used to work for a huge department store chain that got shut down recently, so he decided to reopen his old family hardware shop. The thing is, he’s got this really strange, high-pitched voice that makes him sound a bit like one of those talking puppets that you see on television. I can’t really take the guy seriously, which makes it very difficult to shop there. All I want is to find the best timber supplies Cheltenham has to offer for my personal projects, though, so if I have to deal with the weird manager, I will.

Then there’s the store supervisor, who watches over all the other employees. She seems pretty weird too, which I guess makes sense since she is probably the manager’s daughter. Then again, they don’t look anything alike, so maybe his weirdness just influences her or something. I imagine their team meetings are one of the strangest things on the planet. Just to paint you a picture, this woman wears the brightest possible clothes and makeup I can only describe as ‘interesting’. How she came to be the store supervisor is a mystery to me.

Despite the strangeness of the staff, the newest hardware store in the Bayside area does deliver a good experience, I have to admit. The team members seem pretty knowledgeable about the hardware they sell, and they can point you to essentially any item in the store. I was surprised at the lengths they would go to, just to help me get the best items for my special project. Shockingly, they even suggested I buy a cheaper hammer that was actually of better quality than the more expensive one I was going to buy. As far as I can tell, they don’t have a better profit margin on that item or anything.

So, even though the manager and his second in command are a bit strange, I would have to recommend the place. I started this post a bit unsure, but in writing about my experience, I have become certain of it. Go take a look for yourself, if you like.