Human Resources

My Crazy Boss


The strangest thing happened at work today. I actually think my boss has lost his mind. How much longer can he rule this company for, before the board realises he’s gone loony and kicks him out of his position? Certainly, if he’s handing his employees strange objects for no real reason, then his time is almost up.

I went into his office this morning and gave a long spiel about how I needed to take some annual leave soon. The whole time, Mr Anderson was sitting there nodding, a distant look on his face. At the end of my big speech, I asked him if he knew how to calculate annual leave. Mr Anderson nodded again. “Of course. I’ll get right on that,” he said. Then he opened up the drawer of his desk, pulling out a large, knotted chain, looking sort of like a monkey fist knot, but made from metal. Mr Anderson handed it to me, then waved me out of the room.

It was strange, to say the least. Since it happened, I’ve been in contact with a business offering HR consulting services near Melbourne, and they told me that this definitely isn’t proper behaviour. If our boss has gone mad, there are steps we can take to have him removed, as long as this is repeated behaviour. So, I sent Scarlet in with a secret mission: see if Mr Anderson gives her a strange item after talking to him. And won’t you know it, she came out of that office with a single gumboot filled with sand. If that’s not a strange gift, I don’t know what is. And you know what Jimmy got when he went in? A set of six roleplaying dice. Now, a roleplaying set usually consists of seven dice. Which one was missing? Only the most important die in the set: the d12. How is he even supposed to play Goblins and Grottos without a d12? So, he’s officially lost the plot. Time to take action. Wish us luck.