Literal Construction Companies

I’ve been looking forward to this for years—the day where I finally get to have a house built. It has taken a long time of saving money, working multiple tough jobs, and eventually taking a very large “loan” from the bank (if you know what I mean), but I got here eventually. The number one thing I want for my home is a wall of wooden planks with different colours. I don’t care how it happens; I want this wall. I saw it in a dream once, many years ago, and I have always wanted it ever since. The professional luxury custom home builders I have gotten in touch with said it was definitely doable, so my wall is finally going to be a real thing. This will literally be my dream home.

You know, everybody uses literally wrong, literally all the time. See, that was an example of it being used wrong. If people got it wrong literally all the time, then there would never be any instances of people using the word correctly. I was being hyperbolic, as most people are when they use the word, but being hyperbolic is actually the opposite of being literal. My friend was saying the other day that he would literally love to have a house made out of marshmallows. But would he really? It would get all sticky and melt in the sun, so I don’t think he literally wants one, even though he said he does. 

So, I’ve had to hire the right builders for my home, making sure that they understand what I mean when I say literally. I went to all of the construction companies servicing the Mornington Peninsula and asked them a simple question: can you literally build me a house made of clouds? Most said yes, of course, they could make me a house that felt like I was living amongst the clouds, which shows that they did not understand the meaning of literally. But this one particular construction company explained that it would not be possible to literally make a house out of clouds as those are not solid materials. After hearing that, I knew I had the right construction company for me.