Life After Landscaping

What is it about going to work on Mondays that is so difficult. It’s probably because of the weekend but I get the feeling it’s goes deeper than that. It’s the realisation that we have another week of work before freedom. I know most people feel the same as I do, I believe this means that most people are not happy a lot of the time. It’s sad to think of all those people who wake up every day and know they aren’t going to be satisfied. I got a job right of college which I’m told is impressive considering most of my graduating class is still without work. We are conditioned to believe that work, any work, is better than no work. We’re told that we should work hard, move up, work harder, move up more and then eventually retire when we’re 70. The thought of that is just horrifying.

The new project I’m working on is nothing like what I’m supposed to be doing  I get put on these random assignments regularly that are not in my job description. I have to plan out and design the landscaping for my bosses new house. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t go to college to do these kinds of random jobs. He wants his new garden landscaping to be something special, so my job for the next week is to research.  Probably something with stainless steel balustrading. Melbourne has so many lovely gardens to get inspiration from. I’m to go through and collect a range photos of impressive gardens to present to him on later in the week.

I’ve already booked in with the garden designers. Melbourne North is full of flashy rich homes that I can draw inspiration from. I’ll probably leave the bulk of the layout to the landscapers. The boss wants this magnificent garden to impressive his mother in law, who he apparently doesn’t like.

Why spend thousands of dollars making a garden for somebody who you don’t care about? It boggles the mind, the rich are a strange people. At least I know that he wants to incorporate elements of stainless steel in the garden design.The designs that my boss has liked so far have been pretty wild, I’m pretty sure landscape gardeners near Melbourne North are up to the task. This is the very last personal task that I’ll be doing for my boss though, he needs to respect that I’m not just an assistant that he can order around.