Investment Property: The Greatest Wish??

An ‘Alternative Trivia Night’ sounds really shifty, but actually, it was good fun. I went along with the same trepidation you’d have going along to ‘Destruction Derby Speed Dating’, but it just turned out to be a more personalised experience. So, all the questions were subjective, based around your personal opinion, and the most creative responses were voted on at the end of each round.

Fun times indeed. My favourite question was ‘if you found a magic lamp that gave you three wishes, what would they be?’, which is always quite the head-scratcher. Present someone with infinite possibility and the brain instantly clams up.

Of course, I had to be stuck on a table with Barbara, who said that one of her fondest wishes was to buy an investment property. Yeah, great, thanks Barbara. You have access to a genie with infinite cosmic power, and you wish to be able to sit down with some Melbourne property advocates and have a nice little chat. You know you can achieve the same thing with a bit of saving and a quick online search? There’s no reason to bother the nice genie every time you want to buy a house; that’s something you can do without magic.

Everyone else seemed to think so as well, since the most creative answer was to be able to grant your OWN wishes. Have to admit, that’s pretty good. If you wanted a home, just grant your own wish and there it is. Or maybe you want a salami sandwich: boom, there, it’s yours. And you didn’t even have to go to the kitchen, or pay for any of the ingredients. See, I really like how this whole thing makes you think, even if we tanked and got a terrible score.

Maybe someone should put Barbara onto some buyers advocates operating in Melbourne, and they can have a little chat about her housing options. Then she can have her thing, and we can maybe have a chance at being a bit creative.