Home Buyer to-be

If you know me at all you’ll know how much I love living alone, after all those years of share-housing and nightmare roommates. Don’t read me wrong, I’ve had great times as a renter, but when it came time to review how I could justify paying off someone else’s mortgage, I couldn’t ignore the reality of it any longer. I wanted to buy my own place, but I wasn’t sure how it would all work. I’d heard about the legal side through my friend, who had underestimated the jargon and attempted to do her own property transfer. It didn’t end as well as she’d have liked it to, and she’d been incredibly stressed out afterwards. I knew it would be stressful and the last thing I needed was to feel unsure.

I called mum for a chat. She was supportive but I felt kind of overwhelmed once she started trying to explain how auctions and sales worked, what would be expected of me, and what property transfers would involve if I didn’t involve someone in conveyancing. Richmond is a beautiful suburb and one that I’d love to live in as it’s so close to where I work. The property prices are a little out of my price range so I’ll have to settle for someone further out.

I knew exactly what I wanted in a property,  and I happened upon an amazing apartment in St Kilda. Within weeks of deciding I wanted to buy, I found myself attending an auction. This was one of the most frightening experiences I’ve had, and sadly, I missed out on the apartment by way more than a mile.

Feeling disheartened, I headed home when I realised how much more I might have achieved had I known what to expect. I decided to invest in some industry wisdom. After a thorough chat with a company that does conveyancing, St Kilda seemed like a possibility. These guys specialise in property transfers and know what they’re talking about. I actually felt as though I had some really solid advice. Within two weeks from making my decision, the same agent I’d dealt with called me about an apartment that had become available in the same complex. It just had a better view! I’m going back in well prepared.