Have Your Renovations

When I chose this history elective as part of my uni course, I thought it was going to be a doss. History is history, so it’s not like you need to learn anything more than facts and figures. I’m really good with facts and figures as well, so no problems here. Just got to remember some stuff, and I’m done.

But no, we just had to get the nutty professor with all these grand ideas about interpreting history, so now we have to actually THINK about stuff. And it just got worse, because some guy just wrote an essay about bathroom renovations causing the fall of the Roman Empire, and now we ALL have to write an essay on why we think a mundane part of life caused major historical events.

Hey, I’m not creative; I’m riding those coattails, so it’s gonna be office design. Melbourne¬†professionals may look different to how they did back when the French Revolution was happening, but they still had offices. And so…office design did NOT exist back in the time of the French Revolution, and that’s why it happened. Office workers back then were as close to middle-class citizens as it got, and so they fell into a crack in terms of recognition, and offices were new, so they never got renovated. So you’ve got thousands of people working in dirty offices, but being told that they should be happier than people working outside in the fresh air. This tension built up, until, office workers are the ones that keep everything ticking over, because they keep records. They must have done their work badly on purpose, turning it into strike action, society broke down, tensions got worse, and eventually the whole system collapsed and there was a revolution, the likes of which had never been seen in recorded history.

Ad it could’ve been prevented, by a Melbourne company that does office renovations and fitouts. If only they had this future knowledge!¬†Yep. Sounds legit. I’m going to fail this class for sure.