Hairdressing of a Different Sort

I never did like the palace barber, which is why I turned him into a poodle before I left. So far as I know, the poodle is the only breed of dog without a counter-spell, so unless I remove it then he’ll be a poodle forever.

Let’s see how easy he find it to hold his chopping shears without opposable thumbs! Honestly, it serves him right. As soon as the king gave me my order or banishment, getting my revenge on that fellow for all his wonky beard trimmings. Of course, I caused quite a stir with my rampage of revenge before they finally forced me through the World Gate, but he was my first port of call.

On the plus side, the hairdressing in this world at least seems to have some standards. The very first haircut I ever had was at a hairdressing salon in St James Place, which was my first experience going to a place for cutting hair rather than simply calling the village barber to your home. I was swathed in a robe of darkest ebony, which made me quite nostalgic for my ascension ceremony to first class wizard, but was apparently just to keep the hair off my clothes. If only that foolish man-poodle had thought of that! The fair lady cutting my hair (imagine a woman doing such a thing!) said that my locks and beard were the longest she’d ever seen…quite strange, since I can barely tuck my beard into my belt like many of my peers, and my hair is only just long enough to swoosh dramatically in the wind whenever I create a summoning circle and call forth a storm demon.

Even the hair in this world has different standards. Hair salons available for bookings in Melbourne have pleased me thus far, and I do like not having to sweep my own hair off the floor of my quarters.

If only spells of hair-care had been more thoroughly researched. But after what happened to Chromdomius the Bald and Shiny One, all wizards are simply too afraid to try.