Extra-Strength Glass

If it were up to me, this house wouldn’t have any glass at all. Glass is a tactical weakness, and there are always enemies everywhere. People say I’m crazy, but I say THEY are the crazy ones for not recognising the danger in front of them. There’s a whole gang out there, up to all sorts of trouble on the streets of Melbourne. People lose their car keys, and they’re responsible. I have it on good authority from my favourite gossip website that there’s an android on the loose, and maybe working in an office. And Lawrence Corp? Don’t even get me started! No one finds all their amazing advances suspicious, except me! Open your eyes people of Melbourne.

Anyway, glass in a home isn’t as secure as bricks. It’s a simple fact that bricks and concrete are the most secure home security solution. I mean sure, they don’t look as nice as glass, but let’s focus on what’s important.¬† I suppose if I really want to secure my home against incursion, I need to talk to someone about¬†glass replacement in Melbourne. A trustworthy glass replacement professional. I need to get an expert’s opinion on the best type of glass for if you’re expecting trouble; we’re talking double-glazing. Triple, quadruple, quintuple-glazing! Or that shatterproof stuff, if they have it. Thing is, I can’t just go getting rid of the windows entirely, even though I sort of want to. It’s useful to have a way to look out at the world and make notes, as I do daily for several hours, and also, my enemies might realise I’m onto them if I did something that suspicious.

I’m just getting some ordinary glazier work done, with ordinary glaziers. I’d just like to retain the heat in winter, is all, as well as make it so the air conditioning isn’t wasted in the summer. maybe I’ll get some beautiful glass balustrading along with the glazier work. There is nothing suspicious about glass balustrading at all. It’s the least suspicious thing.