Everyone’s Favourite Staring Spot

Ever since we got all the windows tinted, the staring hole has become the most popular place in the office. It’s practically impossible to see anything through this gloom, except for this one little part of the tinting where I think the birds have scratched it away. Ever since they put in those draconian internet filters that restrict us to exactly five websites- all of them work-related- and cracked down on desk entertainment, people have been pretty starved for things to do. I really shouldn’t have spread the word that there’s a gap in the tinting next to my desk, because then I could’ve had the staring hole all to myself. Maybe I was lonely over here in the corner cubicle…I may never know. But now, everyone comes over here to observe the goings on of the world, and I’m running out of excuses for the boss. Pretty sure he thinks I’m running a drug smuggling ring here.

And hey, this is a glowing endorsement to whichever Melbourne commercial tinting company did the job, because it’s like we’re in a permanent eclipse here. The sun has gone down, and it’s never going back up. Darkness has fallen across the land, and creatures crawl in search of blood. I’d be happy to even go onto their website and leave a glowing review in those very words, because if you’re looking for thorough tinting, these are the people, whoever they are.

And I guess we should be grateful that we have a staring hole at all, so special thanks to the birds for that one. If I could, I’d go online and leave a glowing review for them as well. 10/10, great birds, incredible accuracy, very helpful, would cheep-cheep-choose them again. With the power of this group of people doing commercial office window tinting and some birds with their random scratchings at the window, we have…the current situation, I suppose. Maybe I can direct the birds to scratch a hole on Katrina’s side, so people can go to look at the world at her desk. It would save her saying that she need to ‘check some documents’ for the six-hundredth time. No one believes you, Katrina, stop ruining it for everyone!