I’m thinking of buying a country church. Yes, you read that right and no, I haven’t become a devout follower of religion since you last heard from me. I’m going to renovate this baby and set it up as a funky little function venue. It’s in a great part of the country, just far enough out from Melbourne to make it a destination, and surrounded by accommodation, vineyards, gourmet providors and all that jazz.

Money’s not a problem right now. The only hurdle, as far as I can see, is finding the time in my schedule to make it happen. I’ve got that trip to Denmark next month for the conference, and there’s heaps of work to be done on the presentation before then. Sometimes I wonder if I should have a specialised crew on call for situations like this – properties that I like always seem to crop up at inconvenient times, and it would be handy to have a crack team to trust with sorting it out.

I do sort have that already, though, really. I mean, I have my go-to financial adviser and solicitor and so on. I’ve worked with them all quite a lot over the years, and I do trust them to get me what I want. My conveyancer has become pretty familiar with sorting out property title transfers in my name; put it that way.

Here in the South East, conveyancing services aren’t exactly few and far between, and I could probably stand to shop around a bit. But then, why would I bother when I know that my old faithful has my back? Maybe if they weren’t doing a good job, that’d be a different story. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – right?

Well, don’t fix it unless it’s an old chapel – in that case, go nuts and renovate the heck out of it! That’s where I’m coming from, anyway. My mind is in overdrive with ideas for adding value – the loft bar is particularly speaking to me. Let’s hope my team comes through!