The Frost Legend

We’ve started meeting on Tuesday nights, me and a few other magic-folk. It’s nothing sinister, but I think it really helps me to cope with the homesickness. Oh, and we were talking about Berk! Good old Berk, what a legend! There isn’t a single child growing up in all the land, from the Ocean Islands […]

So Many Peaches

I’m moving to the country, and you can bet I’m going to eat a lot of peaches. Unless I end up nearer to somewhere that grows pears and/or apples. Basically, I’m going to partake in the local produce, which is the best part of being in the country. I’ve said for years that the city […]

Window Wonders

Ah, the wonders of being a homeowner. There’s no end to this ever-unfolding journey. For example, moving into your new pad, only to discover that none of those beautifully painted, double hung windows in the master bedroom actually open. What the? What kind of insane person lived here, and how can I banish their airflow-denying […]