Extra-Strength Glass

If it were up to me, this house wouldn’t have any glass at all. Glass is a tactical weakness, and there are always enemies everywhere. People say I’m crazy, but I say THEY are the crazy ones for not recognising the danger in front of them. There’s a whole gang out there, up to all […]

Everyone’s Favourite Staring Spot

Ever since we got all the windows tinted, the staring hole has become the most popular place in the office. It’s practically impossible to see anything through this gloom, except for this one little part of the tinting where I think the birds have scratched it away. Ever since they put in those draconian internet […]

Pro Glass = Pro Class

I’m waiting for a mirror to arrive. I should have left Marlene to do this herself – I have better things to do! To bring you up to speed, my sister, Marlene, runs a tap dance studio from her home. She’s overseas at the moment, so she roped me into receiving the delivery of her […]