Divine Portfolio

I’m thinking of buying a country church. Yes, you read that right and no, I haven’t become a devout follower of religion since you last heard from me. I’m going to renovate this baby and set it up as a funky little function venue. It’s in a great part of the country, just far enough […]

Home Buyer to-be

If you know me at all you’ll know how much I love living alone, after all those years of share-housing and nightmare roommates. Don’t read me wrong, I’ve had great times as a renter, but when it came time to review how I could justify paying off someone else’s mortgage, I couldn’t ignore the reality […]

Oh Good, It’s More Conveyancing Talk

Oh boy, we’re talking about conveyancing again. This is directly contravening the Futurist’s Club’s main rule, which is to never step backwards, and at this point most of us are just waiting for the saga to end. The great conveyancing saga of 2018. That’s what I’m going to tell Vera to call it in the […]