Drifting Away

It’s not as easy to drift in real life as it is in the video games. In fact, it’s really dangerous. It’s nothing like Bandicoot Team Driving, Desire for Fast or Burnt Out. They make it look simple and easy. I had no idea learning to drift would be so expensive, either. I’ve crashed my […]

Retirement Is… What?

Despite how times have changed, I reckon there are still plenty of misconceptions around about people’s lifestyles. Take retirees. This one’s at the forefront of my radar, because Boris and I have recently closed up shop in our respective careers. It’s been interesting seeing how people respond to it, not least our own kids. It’s […]

The Horse Queen

Selena is getting on my NERVES! She’s one of those ‘horse people’… you know the ones. She watched Saddle Club when we were in primary school, and instead of just dreaming of having a horse like a normal person, she actually got one because she’s daddy’s little princess and he owns some kind of soft […]

Does the Shape of a Car Matter??

All these years on the panel at the car show, and we’ve never had to make a decision like this. Never even thought it would come up, if I’m being honest. But there we were, reviewing applications for the vehicles to be shown on the centre stage, and also on the various sub-stages throughout the […]

Mechanic Saves My Car Fail

I was meant to drive my sister’s car to the mechanic today, as a favour. She got this ride a while back, and I’ve always found driving it to be a slightly odd experience. It’s kitted out with unnecessary paraphernalia, like a screen on the dashboard that helps you judge parking distance and DVD players […]